Film Music Critic Reviews The Banner Saga

Film music critic, Thomas Kiefner, takes on Austin Wintory's The Banner Saga Soundtrack on his blog, Film Music: The Neglected Art.

“The opening cue ‘We Will Not Be Forgotten’ a scant forty seven seconds does set the mood for the remainder of the score. It is a proud majestic opening featuring the horns of the Dallas Winds. ‘How Did It Come To This’ opens like an orchestra tuning up before it switches to a contrabassoon solo that will test the woofers of your system! Remember this is a Reference Recording and all recordings are not equal. Johnson and his recording crew make it better. They just have superior clarity. ‘No Tree Grows To The Sky’ begins with an epic statement with the horns calling out, another excellent example of the superior playing of the Dallas Winds. … I really like the score. The recording is superb like all Reference Recordings material. I’m interested enough to try the game and see how the material fits into the framing as long as it doesn’t take too long to learn. You can teach an old dog new tricks.” —Thomas Kiefner, Film Music: The Neglected Art

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