Roberto Moronn Pérez On the Andrés Segovia Archive: French Composers

A note from Roberto Moronn Pérez on his new Andrés Segovia Archive: French Composers recording:

The works included in this recording are part of the corpus of the Segovia Archive that contains the manuscripts Segovia received during his career from those composers who had the sensibility to write for him, but which, for a variety of reasons, he did not add to his repertoire. I am not going to speculate why he did not play them. To be honest, I don’t mind. As a young guitarist, I can only thank Andrés Segovia for his legacy: the legacy he left during his lifetime with his performances, recordings and inspiration and the legacy he treasured in the shadow, and which now we can appreciate. These are full of surprises and lesser-known gems from the repertoire.

My responsibility as a performer is to live up to what it represents. I did my best in my previous CD with the Spanish Composers (Reference Recordings FR-705) and I have also tried my best in this new recording. I have only one wish...that you will enjoy the music.

—Roberto Moronn Pérez

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