Classical Candor Praises the latest Andrés Segovia Archive Installment

John J. Puccio's Classical Candor blog praises the performances of Roberto Moronn Pérez in the French Composers edition of the Andrés Segovia Archive:

“Perez does each man and his work fair justice. He plays with flair but also with nuance and subtlety. His guitar opens up each work and expands it seemingly beyond the limits of a single instrument. …if you are like me you will find each work entertaining, touching, or enlivening as the case may be. … Audio engineer John Taylor produced, recorded, and edited the music at Holy Trinity Church, Weston, Hertfordshire, UK in 2013, with Grammy award-winning engineer Keith O. Johnson doing the final mastering. The guitar is fairly close yet never in-the-face close; just close enough to provide ample detail and focus. The sound comes across as well defined, with a moderately quick transient response on the plucked strings, yet warm and natural, with a realistic decay time thanks to the ambient bloom of the venue.”
—John J. Puccio, Classical Candor

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