Autrement Blues Reviews “There's A Time”

“There's A Time” gets a rave review in French magazine, Autrement Blues:

“Slide/resonator master Doug MacLeod’s latest album is a genuine bit of brilliance, with changing tempo, skillful picking and thoughtful, laid-back lyrics. Indeed, so good, that it has just swept the board at the Blues Foundation’s awards 2014 in Memphis in May. MacLeod’s work is always strong and sound; music that is always eagerly anticipated by acoustic blues fans everywhere. With this latest CD, he has cemented his position as the foremost resonator player on the global stage today. Supported by leading bass player, Denny Croy, and possibly the foremost blues drummer in the USA, Jim Bott, this release captures the very best of MacLeod’s playing. Released on US label Reference Recordings, and produced jointly by MacLeod and Reference’s Jan Mancuso, ‘There’s A Time’ should satisfy every blues-lovers thirst for quality performance and playing. This is one of those great albums that you will return to time and time again, always with pleasure and satisfaction. Definitely – and most of Memphis agrees – a five-star winner.” —Iain Patience, Autrement Blues

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