Andrés Segovia Archive: Pierre de Breville

Andrés Segovia Archive: French Composers

Pierre de Breville

César Franck’s student Pierre de Breville (1861-1949), wrote an untitled piece for Segovia in 1926. Angelo Gilardino (General Editor of the Andrés Segovia Archive) with great perception, basing his criterion on the form of the work which is neither a sonata nor a suite, neither variations nor a rondo, and because of its changeable character has given it the title Fantaisie.

Composed in 3 sections, modally oriented, it combines dark and melancholic sections with subtle harmonies contrasting with brighter and more playful parts. It is a completely idiomatic work, perfectly articulate. We have here another major guitar piece that deserves to be added to the concert repertoire.

—Roberto Moronn Pérez

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