The Daily Album Reviews The Banner Saga Soundtrack

Sean Elliot, of The Daily Album has a thorough review for Austin Wintory's The Banner Saga score:

Wintory’s The Banner Saga is a wonderful experience on its own. A union of classical string and wind sections, ethnic instruments like the didgeridoo, and some fine vocal talents are at Wintory’s disposal, and to say he makes good use of them would be understating things. Wintory runs the emotional gamut here and even as the pace slows, it is not for a lack of feeling. Rather, Wintory understands well the curvature necessary to build proper character within a score. Journey experienced a meteoric rise to popularity, due in large part to its ambiguity and universal appeal. With The Banner Saga, both Wintory and the project as a whole explore a different direction, one with a definitive focus on folk lore and tradition, a focus that shines in Wintory’s latest work.

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