RPGFan Reviews The Banner Saga Soundtrack

Just one more week before the CD release of the Official Soundtrack for The Banner Saga and the reviews are rolling in:

“These are voices raised to comfort those on a harrowing journey and instruments played to ease the pain of tough travel. Warm horns stoke the fire inside, woodwinds soothe, and drums make marching seem like a part of something larger: a song or a work of art. … After a few tracks, everything blends into a single musical story: a single tapestry of song. The listener can hear the trepidation of setting out on a journey, the dangers here and there, the beauty of a hilltop view, the hunger, the thirst, the blood and the sweat, the death of a loved one, a victory and a defeat, and the final, momentary peace at journey's end. … This is the rare video game soundtrack that provides a cohesive experience beginning to end. The instrumentation is phenomenal. The fluttering woodwinds on "Cut with a Keen-Edged Sword" make manifest a spine-tingling sense of impending danger, and this gives way to a gorgeous strings and drum segment that typifies a style of sound found herein. … The Banner Saga's OST is one of my favorites in recent memory. It both suits the game perfectly and provides pleasurable listening on its own. Let's hope Austin Wintory stays within the realm of video game composing. We need more soundtracks like this.” — Kyle E. Miller, RPGFan.com

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