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The Banner Saga Soundtrack gets compared to a novel in a rave review from

“The Banner Saga is mainly a turn-based strategy, therefore combat music native to slashers wouldn’t be a very wise choice. The interesting thing about this album is that there is no typical battle track. The cause of such situation is related to the process of album creation which, to be honest, is even more surprising. Particular parts from the game’s original score are consolidated into tracks to create an album. It must have been quite a challenge to choose and merge certain parts. It’s not possible to recognize it while listening to the album itself and I think that’s the sign of how well it was done. … Like a captain who, thanks to this small device, can easily steer a boat according to his will, the composer achieved a leverage for human emotions with this sound. … I would compare The Banner Saga OST to a novel. There is a very intense synergy present between the plot and the music. The story unveils, and the music step by step develops emotions, images and feelings with great precision. Excellent sound of the instruments, music style, atmosphere - those are the examples of how a composer can add value to the game via his soundtrack. In this case the music became a brilliant work on it’s own. The album defends itself as an independent being and I am incredibly eager to put this one along with the others on my shelf. With all certainty I will return to this album many times.” —Michał Broda,

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