Gamespot puts Austin Wintory in Good Company

High praise for the upcoming Fresh! From Reference Recording CD release, The Banner Saga, featuring the Dallas Wind Symphony and music by composer Austin Wintory:

“As I played The Banner Saga, I was swept away by its chilled tapestry of brass harmonies and meandering woodwind melodies. It was as if the musical score had been woven together of shimmering mithril, evoking both the bleakness of the frozen landscape and the stubbornness of the varl race. I was reminded of several composers, Finnish composer Jean Sibelius chief among them. The opening of Sibelius' fifth symphony captures a similar kind of comforting loneliness with its glowing French horn chords and frigid clarinets. Composers like Sibelius and Carl Nielsen have been often praised for capturing the essence of Scandinavia, but given his work on The Banner Saga's soundtrack, I could argue for composer Austin Wintory to be added to that short list.” —Kevin VanOrd, GameSpot

Read: “In the Bleak Midwinter: How Composer Austin Wintory Brought Stoic Beauty to The Banner Saga” on

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