Doug MacLeod Creates A Blues Fan

Doug MacLeod has been touring all over Europe lately, and in a new review from the UK's Blues In The Northwest, reviewer Jane Edwards talks about how Doug MacLeod turned her from someone “knowing little about blues music, and nothing about Doug” into a fan:

“I went along to Liverpool Marina having seen posters on the door advertising Doug Macleod. What a treat. Knowing little about blues music, and nothing about Doug, I wondered what the evening held in store. … Doug came on and immediately warmed his audience with songs built on ancient themes. He told his tales with humour and witty words: ‘more make-up than five drag queens’; ‘a silver-tongued lawyer who could make you believe the river flowed upstream’. Blues is the story of overcoming and surviving, and Doug gently offered hard-won advice, beautifully woven in stories and lyrics. … Great tunings, hammered chords and superb bottleneck technique were all part of an enjoyable, relaxed evening that left me smiling. Thanks!” —Jane Edwards

Read the full review on the Blues In The Northwest website

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