Fanfare Magazine Reviews Pittsburgh Symphony Strauss

Fanfare Magazine's Arthur Lintegen strongly recommends the new Pittsburgh Symphony Strauss release:

“This Till is a devilish rogue. Honeck’s frequent changes in tempo and phrasing reflect the different aspects of his character, ranging from funny, to naughty, to malicious. The French horn player has no problems with his treacherous solo. … ‘Death and Transfiguration’ will be special for some listeners … The quiet sections are hauntingly beautiful with some magnificent solo woodwinds, and the turbulent parts crackle with excitement, aided by timpani that are suitably prominent but not overdone. … Indeed, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra plays like a world-class ensemble in all three works. … These are all excellent and highly subjective interpretations that should be in any serious Straussian’s collection. … This is strongly recommended…” —Arthur Lintegen, Fanfare

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