Tutti Magazine Gives Roberto Moronn Perez a 10/10!

French magazine, Tutti, gives Roberto Moronn Pérez's Andrés Segovia Archive: Spanish Composers recording a 10/10 rating and review!

“Andrés Segovia was unable to bring all of the compositions he received to the stage, nor to save them. And that's the whole point of this disc: present some of these beautiful pieces, written by all of the most brilliant composers. The joint program is perfect, alternating fast and slow parts, and joyous and melancholy. …each new listening brings a discovery of a detail that had eluded us before …this program offers active listeners the whole range of what music can offer: meditation, strength, joy, loneliness, sadness, hope and obsession.

“Using his fingers as a painter manipulates colors, he (Roberto Moronn Pérez) creates an infinite spectrum of sound…” —Jean-Fraçois Sanchez, Tutti

Read the full, absolute RAVE review at www.tutti-magazine.fr

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