Portraits of Colorado Reviewed on Classical Net

Classical.net's Brian Wigman sees the picture being painted by Charles Denler's Portraits of Colorado:

“It has been over 20 years since my last trip to Colorado, but this music paints a vivid and deeply affectionate picture of the incredible beauty on display there…Each movement is under five minutes, but every one has a distinct character, with a majestic and touching theme running through the entire piece…Part traditional symphony, with echoes of a film score, the solo contributions, choral work, and additional instrumentals are all superb. The Colorado Symphony Orchestra and Chorus pour their hearts into this music, and the sonic quality is naturally as clear and crisp as mountain air. The six variations for violin and piano share the same theme as the symphony, and are lovingly rendered by Hwang-Williams and the composer.” —Brian Wigman, Classical Net

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Portraits of Colorado featured in Colorado Tourism videos:

Charles Denler's Portraits of Colorado

An American Symphony No. 1 and Six Variations for violin and piano

The Colorado Symphony and Chorus

Scott O'Neil, conductor

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“PORTRAITS OF COLORADO, An American Symphony No.1” is the first in a series of symphonies composed by Charles Denler. Inspired by a sunrise over the Rocky Mountains, and the incredible works of American painter, Jerry Malzahn, this first symphony carries with it a theme of hope and of new beginnings.

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