Canada Free Press Raves for Strauss & Horns for the Holidays!

Canada Free Press reviewer, Jim Bray, has a double-rave review for our Pittsburgh Symphony, Strauss, and Dallas Wind Symphony, Horns for the Holidays, recordings.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Strauss

“A new SACD from Reference Recordings brings the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to life in your home via a fantastic recording of a trio works from composer Richard Strauss…when you fire up this disc you might just think you’re in the ‘historic Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts’…This Strauss disc is actually the first in a series of new releases from Reference Recordings via a new partnership with the Pittsburgh Symphony. And if they all sound this good, they should make fantastic additions to the audiophile’s library…Slide this disc into your player, crank it up to a realistic level and you shall be amazed and delighted…It has been a while since I experienced this close to the feeling of actually being there…I cannot recommend this disc highly enough.”

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Dallas Wind Symphony Horns for the Holidays

“And even though the Christmas holiday season has just passed, I’d like to recommend again their recording “Horns for the Holidays.” Though its music is seasonal, the recording quality is first rate - so buy it and keep it around for this year’s holidays…it has already taken Christmas music from ubiquitous background noise to something worth sitting down and listening to. And that’s not something that happens every day!”

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