Austin Wintory and The Banner Saga featured in The New York Times

Composer, Austin Wintory and the upcoming soundtrack, The Banner Saga, got a wonderful feature in The New York Times over the weekend. Have a look at the article, which features a picture from the Dallas Wind Symphony recording sessions!

“Mr. Wintory considers his next project — a warm, earthy score for the role-playing video game The Banner Saga, set for release this month — a step in this direction. The score incorporates dynamic cues that react to the player’s actions during a battle scene. If a player starts to win or lose a fight, the music will subtly shift between tense and triumphant. That the music reacts to the player is a relatively new concept. ‘At its best,’ Mr. Wintory said, ‘game music turns the player into a co-storyteller.’” —The New York Times

Read the article here!

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