Audiophilia Weighs in on new Strauss CD

Audiophilia Magazine has their review of our new Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra recording Strauss, and agree that it's an audiophile must-have!

“…with Don Juan having a sweep and sense of virility that is infectious and Till Eulenspiegel portrayed very successfully as a lusty lad out to do no harm but paying the ultimate price for his jokes. The orchestra’s soloists are exemplary here (horns, Eb clarinet and concertmaster, in particular). As an ensemble, the Pittsburgh Symphony provides an indulgent forward sweep which suits the passionate emotions of the works very well.

“…if you want to showcase your audio equipment then the audiophile quality sound one expects from this source is impressive on all accounts.” James Norris, Audiophilia

More great quotes in this Audiophilia review of the TEAC CD-3000 SACD Player

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