TAS Tabs RR Releases as “Hidden Treasures”

The Absolute Sound 2014 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide was just published and includes a feature in which writers list their recommended 'obscure' music and encourage readers to go find it. Two RR Minnesota Orchestra recordings were selected in this “Ten Little-Known But Great-Sounding Recordings” list!

Mephisto & Co., Minnesota Orchestra

“…it gets my vote as the single best sounding RR CD. The centerpiece of the collection is Malcolm Arnold's Tam O' Shanter Overture, here in a performance for the ages. Listen to the remarkably lifelike texture of the woodwinds and brass, and the apocalyptic but clean and controlled bass drum…” —Arthur Lintgen

Skrowaczewski: Concerto for Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra

“Why this easily-findable CD of works by the great conductor Stanislaw Skrowaczewski never got much press, at least that I could find, I don't know…the long final movement of the Concerto for Orchestra, subtitled ’Anton Bruckner's Journey to Heaven,‘ undergoes cataclysmic turmoil to finally reach a sublime transcendence that does full justice to its title. This is a thrilling and awe-inspiring recording both in sound and in music.” —Mark Lehman

Get Both releases on RR.com!

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