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After a fantastic weekend (more on our weekend experience soon), everyone in the Audiophile world is still raving about people, equipment, and their time at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest this weekend. Here are a couple of RR-Related tidbits:

From Stereophile

In the Joseph Audio Room
“…the beauty of Reference Recordings’ LP version of Vaughan Williams’ The Wasps confirmed the superiority of both the equipment chain and the Keith Johnson/Sean Martin recording team.”

In the ApexAudio Room
“…warm, gorgeous sounds and a “midrange to die for” on Reference Recordings’ LP version of Doug MacLeod’s There’s a Time (Stereophile’s May 2013 Recording of the Month).”

Full Stereophile.com RMAF Recap

From Audiophilia

“Looking at the recorded repertoire on the manufacturers’ iPads and iPhones, I usually found one classical selection. The selection was inevitably Dance of the Tumblers played by the Minnesota Orchestra on Reference Recordings.”

Full Audiophilia.com RMAF Recap

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