Charles Denler Talks Portraits of Colorado

PORTRAITS OF COLORADO, An American Symphony No. 1 is written in ten shorter movements to meet the needs of today’s contemporary audience. Our generation of music lovers are accustomed to playlists filled with shorter pieces of music, generally three to four minutes long. Lengthy symphonic movements often do not fit into modern playlists. Even though the symphony is divided into shorter movements, it is written in a traditional manner with theme and variation woven throughout the music. The music was initially inspired by a sunrise over the valley behind our Colorado home. Movement No. 8, “Moment At Dawn”, was written as a tribute to the amazing mornings I often enjoy while sitting on our back porch. The lyrics sung in Latin by the chorus throughout the symphony reflect this: “A Sole Calefiere, Vivet I Alium Diem – To Feel The Warmth of the Sun, I Will Live Another Day”. The six piano and violin variations are based on themes from the symphony. The works of American Painter, Jerry Malzahn, influenced many of the movements.

—Charles Denler

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