Traveling Sonata and Viviana Guzman featured in Costal Connections Magazine

Pacifica Tribune monthly publication, Coastal Connections, has a wonderful profile of Viviana Guzmán and her Traveling Sonatas recording in their August 2013 edition:

“…this breathtaking CD features the pristine musical voices of Viviana Guzmán on flute and Jérémy Jouve on guitar. From the very first piece, Gabriel Fauré's 'Pavane, Op. 50,' Guzmán and Jouve weave their instruments through and within each other — breeze to waterfall, sway to jangle. And all throughout their recording, the auditory caravan of Guzmán and Jouve, contues to take listeners along a sunlit journey through Maurice Ravel's 'Boléro' and 'Pièce en forme de Habenera' and on through Erik Satie's 'Gnossienne No. 1' and 'Gymnopédie No. 1.' There are also works by contemporary composers Mathias Duplessy, Atanas Ourkouzounov and Roland Dyens, which swirl round the caravan with stirring percussiveness and modern-day flavors. It is a listen that settles and settles, until one can almost touch the land and feel the sky of Span, France and Bulgaria.” — Jean Bartlett, Coastal Connections

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