The Audio Beat reviews There's A Time LP

The Audio Beat has published a host of new Blues vinyl reviews, and Doug MacLeod's There's A Time LP gets some high marks:

"This is the first blues release by Reference Recordings, and it’s quite an accomplishment for a freshman effort. I’ve heard most of Reference Recordings' LPs over the years, and for my money this is the best-sounding yet. Forget the ones on your personal list; I’ll wager that you will find the sound of this new release to be even better. … The background is dead silent, allowing you to hear every low-level sound. The foldout cover describes and provides pictures of the Gibson and National guitars MacLeod plays, and they are so well captured that I found myself listening over and over again just to soak up the individual character of each instrument. How can digital sound this good? Release it on vinyl!" — Dennis Davis, The Audio Beat

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