The ArtsDesk Praises Kansas City Symphony Elgar/Vaughan Williams

Kansas City Symphony's Elgar/Vaughan Williams recording continues to bring in rave reviews!

The ArtsDesk's Graham Rickson has a new review and places the recording in his end-of-year Top 10 list:

"This is an exceptional disc in so many ways. The Kansas orchestral playing is flamboyant, assured, but always affectionate, and the recorded sound is possibly the most realistic I’ve come across.

"The engineering really does serve the music, lending additional colour and warmth to Michael Stern’s Enigma Variations. His reading is full of character, managing to make the piece seem far more than a string of miniatures...Praising this CD for its outstanding technical qualities shouldn’t detract from some remarkable musical ones too. This is already in my end-of-year Top 10 list." — Graham Rickson, ArtsDesk

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