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Austin Wintory

The Reference Recording team is in Dallas for another exciting Dallas Wind Symphony CD!

Dallas Wind Symphony Records Composer Austin Wintory's THE BANNER SAGA! Soundtrack

Watch the Recording Session LIVE today (7/30) at 4:30pm (Central)!

The Banner Saga: Factions

Factions is the free multiplayer release of The Banner Saga, a role-playing, turn-based strategy game putting you in control of a clan of battle-hardened viking warriors.

From the composer Austin Wintory:

It takes place in a fictional (non-Earth) world derived from Norse mythology. At some point before the story takes place, the Norse apocalypse (Ragnarok) occurred and the citizens of the world watched the gods die before them. In the wake of this, to everyone's surprise, nothing really happened. Life continued. An alliance between the humans and the so-called "Varl" (which are the great big giants with horns) formed in defense of the shadowy "Dredge." When the game opens, life is going about its business when, out of nowhere, a massive Dredge invasion begins. The characters navigate it, but as the game progresses you come to realize that is vastly beyond your ability to control. The game will have 2 sequels, where the details behind what is driving this invasion will be revealed (and they're quite interesting! I am a big fan of the plot of this game). Read more about The Banner Saga: Factions" today

Watch the Recording Session LIVE today (7/30) at 4:30pm (Central)!

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