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From the liner notes of the new FRESH! From Reference Recordings release Andrés Segovia Archive: Spanish Composers featuring guitarist Roberto Moronn Pérez:

Padre Donostia

A much more robust piece is the composition of José Antonio de San Sebastián, the secular name of the Cappuchine monk known across the musical world as Padre Donostia. His piece which is entitled (in the Basque dialect), Errimina (Nostalgia), attempts to evoke the delirium of an exile who, alone in a faraway land, degenerates from a situation which portrays him in the throes of a heart-wrenching lament to a hallucinatory state in which he sees appear before him fragments of festivities being celebrated in the place he has had to leave behind. Discouraged by Segovia’s rebuttal—who sent him back the piece, judging it to be unsuitable for performance—Padre Donostia wrote a version for piano which was performed by Padre Donostia himself at a Paris concert and earned him the praise of the renowned philosopher and musicologist Vladimir Jankélévitch. The piece, which can be heard on this disc, has been transposed into a different tonality and some parts have been re-ordered as they were somewhat cumbersome in the original; no modifications were made to the harmonies, rhythm or form. These interventions made it possible to perform the piece on the guitar and maybe even Segovia himself would have approved of the results.

— Angelo Gilardino, Scholar and General Editor of the Andrés Segovia Archive and former President of the Segovia Foundation.

Andrés Segovia Archive

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