Analog Planet Reviews There's A Time LP

Michael Fremer of Analog Planet reviews the new Doug MacLeod LP, There's A Time:

“Recording engineer Keith O. Johnson, best known for the spacious, wide sound stages and thunderous dynamics found on References classical music recordings, shows here that he can capture the enormous Skywalker space without losing the players in a watery reverb grave … Johnson is well known for capturing an orchestra's lower registers. Here he perfectly gets the string pluck and body of Croy's 1948 Kay double bass as well as the punch of Bott's kick drum. The bottom end of this recording is positively awesome. If it sounds muddy, blame your system not Johnson's recording … Add a 'Tip On full color gatefold jacket and excellent photos and liner notes and you have a first class package to accompany an equally fine recording and of course performances that will keep you coming back for another 'set.'” — Michael Fremer, Analog Planet

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