Touching Base after latest Kansas City Recording Sessions

"Prof" Keith Johnson

The Reference Recording team is back from Kansas City after a wonderful pair of recording sessions in the new Kansas City Helzburg Hall!

The first recording was what's sure to be another special one with the Kansas City Symphony featuring the music of Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 in C minor "Organ", Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in A Minor for Violin and Orchestra, and La muse et le poete for Violin, Cello and Orchestra.

The second recording is the first solo organ recording in the huge, glorious new pipe organ in Helzberg Hall with organist Jan Kraybill. See the Repertoire below:

Charles-Marie-Jean-Albert WIDOR (1844-1937): from Symphony No.6 in G minor, Op.42, No.2 (1885): Allegro (1st Movement) [app. 9:20]

César-Auguste-Jean-Guilleaume-Hubert FRANCK (1822-1890): Pièce héroïque (1878) [app. 8:17]

Joseph BONNET (1884-1944): Variations de Concert, Op.1 (1906) [app. 9:16]

Sean Martin
Louis-Victor-Jules VIERNE (1870-1937): Prélude [3:18], Caprice [3:05], and Intermezzo [2:19], from “Pièces de fantaisie”, Suite No.1, Op.51 (1926)

Maurice DURUFLÉ (1902-1986): Scherzo, Op. 2 (1929) [app. 6 minutes]

Félix-Alexandre GUILMANT (1837-1911): Caprice in B flat Major, Op.20, No.3 (1862), from Pièces dans different styles pour orgue, livraison 6 [6:02]

Florent SCHMITT (1870-1958): Prière (Prélude), Op.11 (1899) – may be a world premiere!! – OR – Meditation from “Soirs” (Transcribed by Gaston Choisnel) (1914)

Jehan ALAIN (1911-1940): Deux danses à Agni Yavishta, JA77-78 (AWV 61) [13 October 1932] [4:14]

Marcel DUPRÉ (1886-1971): Prélude et Fugue in G minor, Op.7, No.3 (1920) [app. 7 minutes]

Eugène GIGOUT (1844-1925): Grand-Choeur dialogué, from Six pieces (1881) [app. 6 minutes]

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