HP Soundings says to Savor Doug MacLeod's new There's A Time CD

The new Harry Pearson publication hp Soundings has a slew of "New Blues Recordings To Savor" on its site, and taps Doug MacLeod's new There's A Time recording as "Soul music, through and through."

"Macleod has recently rambled over to Reference Recordings and through their Fresh! Label imprint recorded his 2011 Brand New Eyes ('Brand')[FR 703] and now, on the Reference Recordings label, has recorded There’s A Time ('Time')[Reference Recording 130]. Both titles are superb in their sonic ensnaring of the musical drama taking place in these individual recording spaces and the special chemistry between Macleod and his compatriots: Denny Croy on acoustic bass and drummers Dave Kida (on Brand) and Jimi Bott (on Time).

"There is a directness of feeling and delivery of acoustic blues on these two recordings that is as fine as you will hear. When Macleod arches up his voice to sing the anthem, 'Some Old Blues Song' (taken from Brand) – 'so damn much that the blues can do'- his resonant guitar and plangent vocals transport the blues from their origins right to the present moment. In Macleod’s hands, it’s Soul music, through and through." — Nelson Brill, hp Soundings

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