Gonzo Online Gives There's A Time Five Stars

Uncle John's Record Barn on Canada's Gonzo Online gives Doug MacLeod's There's A Time Five Stars!

"There’s A Time is about as magic a 58 minutes you’re ever going to find on a shiny little plastic disc. A 24 bit HDCD recording, it sounds like being right in the room with the band.

"This is the kind of territory Clapton shoots for when he does acoustic stuff- sparse, delicate playing- almost subdued, really- and storytelling in the finest tradition. Macleod has a smoky voice that suits the songs so perfectly, and it’s rare to find a drummer that plays with the economy of Jimi Bott. Denny Cray plays stand-up bass throughout because, frankly, an electric on these songs just wouldn’t sound right against the various acoustic and national steel guitars that Doug plays. Cray sews the pocket and eases in, creating the perfect space for his musical compadres to weave their collective magic....

"Over and above the casual musical ecstasy of these 13 songs, there is an emotional truth to each that had me falling in love with this album, similar to the way JJ Grey & Mofro affects me. In the best tradition of blues story telling MacLeod, whether he’s examining an incident from his own life or the world around him, has a way of making you see in your mind’s eye exactly what he’s talking about. Whether a true story or a tall or metaphoric tale of woe, it feels true..." — John "The Rock Doctor" Kereiff, Gonzo Online News

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