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Brian Wigman of found our latest FRESH! From Reference Recordings release Andrés Segovia Archive by Roberto Moronn Pérez a wonderful surprise:

"When this disc arrived at my doorstep and I read the label "Reference Recordings" on the package, I became very excited. Was it another sonic spectacular from Kansas City? What was in store? The last thing I expected was a guitar recital, and it's simply wonderful...Fresh! is part of Reference Recordings initiative to work with young artists, and everything that could go right, does.

"As always, the sound is spectacular. Unlike recent guitar albums from the so-called "major labels", the guitar sound isn't in your face. It's warm, naturally full, and atmospheric. The notes literally float out of your speakers...

"The music is simply magnificent...Perez is a fine, fine player who hand-picked these pieces himself, either because they were so rare or had limited visibility. His shadings are loving, his phrasings delicate yet also brimming with intensity when they need to.

"...this thought-provoking, expertly played tribute to a great artist is both touching and unexpected. Wholeheartedly recommended." — Brian Wigman

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