Blues and Soul Reviews Doug MacLeod There's A Time

The Blues & Soul Magazine has quite the rave review for Doug MacLeod's There's A Time:
"Sometimes the very best music can make time stand still. Clocks stop. It’s neither day nor night. The bank balance is irrelevant. The bills printed in invisible ink. Nothing else matters at that particular epoch. You just float away on the wonderful sounds coming from your speakers.

There’s also another emotion that great music can evoke, and that is; how brilliant the musicianship, songwriting and performance is. All of the above is relevant when it comes to “There’s A Time,” by American blues artist Doug MacLeod. It is a real gem. But guitarists be warned: After just a few listens to the sublime acoustic playing, you may be prompted to log on to eBay and advertise your own instrument for sale - and maybe see what golf clubs are on offer!

Quite simply and without fear of exaggeration, this is one of the best roots albums you are likely to hear …

"… Another aspect of why this album is such a winner is the crystal clear audio quality. For such a stripped down approach with just the trio and his highly skilled acoustic guitar technique, it would be sacrilege for the clarity to be an issue. Not so here." — Simon Redley, Blues & Soul

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