Doug MacLeod There's A Time Earns Some FAME

The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange (FAME) has quite the review for Doug MacLeod and There's A Time:

"He also writes riveting lyrics, and every one of these songs will demonstrate why he's earned the moniker of 'the storytelling bluesman'....You find yourself having to listen to the stories and commentaries being woven while concurrently infected by the argot, feeling as though the whole gig is happening just up the street from your house. Once you dig that, you're trapped, you'll never get out of the mode again, nor will you want to. The fact that the ambience of Time is restrained—quiet but tuneful, spare but shimmering—is deceptive because the craft of the whole is to not only talk face to face but to also sneak up behind. You'll find more than a few people you know in this disc, and some you don't, maybe one or two you'll even cast the stink-eye at.

...But don't take my word for it, just listen. And don't just listen; when the line's being laid down, pick it up and groove." — Mark S. Tucker, FAME

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