Billtown Blues on Doug MacLeod There's A Time

The latest Billtown Blues Association Newsletter has quite the rave for Doug MacLeod's new There's A Time recording:

"Doug MacLeod is a Bluesman who hearkens to the days of the traveling minstrel, a storyteller who writes his own material based on his personal life experiences. This gives his material a power not found in the works of those who sit down and make songs up, out of the clear blue sky because they think the story sounds bluesy. MacLeod is a master of Americana, writing and singing what he knows...The result is a recording that is heart-felt, emotionally powerful and, as is often the case with artists of this nature, timeless. This recording could easily have been written and recorded in the 40s or 50s and will, quite frankly, still be in demand 20 years down the road or more...This is one of the finest recordings I have heard...There’s A Time is an incredible piece of work any way you look at it. I honestly got the impression that I was sitting in the room with the band. If it gets any better than that I have yet to hear it..." — Bill Wilson

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