Some Quick Quotes for Doug MacLeod's There's A Time

A couple of quick reviews for Doug MacLeod's "There's A Time" release:

CharlestonScene (Post and Courier):

"MacLeod’s effectiveness as a performer comes just as much from his voice as it does from his guitar. That voice, with its unidentifiable drawl, is as smooth and thick as honey, and is perfectly suited for telling stories while MacLeod’s fingers pick out a melody on his guitar.

Listening to “There’s a Time” shows why MacLeod has been at his trade successfully for the past three decades, and this new album is a great jumping-on point if you, like me, were not previously aware of MacLeod’s talents." — Devin Grant

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O's Place Jazz Magazine:

"Doug sings some great stories with minimal accompaniment in a formula we call blues. Yes this is good ole country blues and we enjoyed listening to them. Pay attention to the lyrics 'cause there's a lot of truth in these stories and as much fun to boot." — D. Oscar Groomes

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