Parcbench reviews There's A Time

Another stellar review for Doug MacLeod's There's A Time, this time from

"...his songs...may all be original, but the tunes have a classic quality to them that works beautifully when set against the words you’re hearing for the first time. His effectiveness comes partly from his humor, and partly from the undeniable frankness with which he delivers a lyric, avoiding any unnecessary flourishes or embellishments...His vocals tantalize you with a vocal delivery that is about a molecule this side of just speaking the truth...And then there’s the acoustic guitar work. Ah, the guitar that, in the hands of Doug MacLeod, can seemingly do it all. It is shown off as a cradle to some songs, rocking them gently, while other times it acts almost like a tap dance accompaniment, and on others it can sound like the last train going out of town before it all goes down." —Greg Victor, Parcbench

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