Doug MacLeod Talks about Recording "There's A Time"

Doug MacLeod talks with Oregon Music News about recording There's A Time below:

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There's A Time
Doug MacLeod

'Prof.' Keith Johnson's first blues recording! 13 new MacLeod originals highlight this richly detailed recording, done at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA. by our Grammy® winning engineer.

Track Listing: - 1 Rosa Lee, 2 Black Nights, 3 The Up Song, 4 My Inlaws Are Outlaws, 5 The Entitled Few, 6 A Ticket Out, 7 Run With The Devil, 8 St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool, 9 I'll Be Walking On, 10 East Carolina Woman, 11 The Night Of The Devil's Road, 12 Dubb's Talking Religion Blues, 13 Ghost

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