Blues is the Truth host Raves about Doug MacLeod's There's A Time's Blues is the Truth host Ian McHugh has some high praise for Doug MacLeod's new Reference Recordings release There's A Time:

"Doug MacLeod is not a name that I had come across before, but now I’ve heard his latest release 'There’s a Time' he can count me as a firm fan...It's simple music, performed with love...What a performance it is too, haunting and powerful, with dynamics that emphasize the drama in the stories of the songs. Its unrushed, unhurried nature lets it sit like a warm blanket wrapping you in the imagery it calls to mind...The songs are not hidden, the playing is not either and everyone is on top form, something special is going on here and as a listener you feel part of the magic...Part of the magic is down to the quality of the sound...the sound has real presence and a sense of space, it has punch and power aplenty...This is as near to a faultless disc as I have heard in a long time. From Doug’s high-toned voice that calls to mind Robert Johnson, to the choice of the right instrument for the song, to the attention to detail in the recording, every care has been taken to make sure that this is the best album it could be. It’s alive, honest and moving and as a blues fan I can ask for nothing more." — Ian McHugh

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