What Others Are Saying About Istomin Mozart Piano Concertos

After the release of Eugene Istomin's wonderful recording of Mozart's Piano Concertos Nos. 21 and 24 on LP, we're taking a look back at what Amazon customers have said about other formats of this recording:

"historic great recordings of Mozart's C major (No. 21) and C minor (No. 24) readings...invaluable - and what better way to commemorate the late maestro Istomin's 70th birthday in 1996 than to record them on state of the art HDCD technology. A must-buy for any admirer of Eugene Istomin's music and his underrated genius!" - click for full review

"Both Allegro movements overwhelm with high drama. Honestly, my first listening to the 24th actually completely changed my view of music, and Mozart, a long time ago. Words cannot begin to express it. Same with the 21st, with it's equally enchanting Andante...So go ahead,especially novices, spend a little cash and buy this CD. You cannot be disappointed!" - click for full review

"I own several editions of Mozart Piano Concerto Nr. 21 K 467 and I was unaware of the Istomin/Schwarz performance until a few weeks ago, when I happened to hear it, quite incidentally I must say. It didn't take long to make up my mind: I had to have this CD." - click for full review

"this CD seemed an unlikely buy. But I went for it and am glad to report that I discovered a goldmine, especially in the virtuoso playing of Istomin. His measured playing of the marvelous theme and variations finale to the 24th piano concerto is astonishing in its range and virtuosity. The combination of these two concertos is not unusual but this recording clearly brings out Mozart's prodigious skills. Listen to the Andante of the C Major concerto-which has been used an abused in popular cinema-and the lyricism is bound to get to you. Istomin is clearly a fine pianist but the surprise package is the Seattle Symphony Orchestra...under Schwarz's baton, it plays as a well-oiled unit and the sound it produces is rich and resonant." - click for full review

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