Las Vegas Review Journal Features Doug MacLeod

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a fantastic and lengthy new feature on Reference Recordings artist Doug MacLeod:

"Doug MacLeod picked up a bass guitar as a teenager because girls liked it. When that attention faded, he took to the microphone. Girls liked that even more.

Now that he thinks about it, much of his musical career comes back to the same source. "It's all about the girls," says the blues singer...

"A lot of people think it's about sadness," he says. "The blues is about overcoming and seeing the goodness in things."

Tracks from his most recent album, "There's a Time," due to drop in March, support his claim. MacLeod doesn't croon about the woman who left him, the rent he can't pay or the job he lost. He chooses themes with more uplifting messages.

"Brand New Eyes" is just one example of that. It's about looking at the world with a different perspective. Most of his songs, in traditional blues-style, come with a story pulled from his own life.

He got the idea for "Brand New Eyes" after an encounter at a CD signing with a fan who stood in line, not to get a CD signed, but to confront MacLeod about his song's themes..." — Xazmin Garza, Las Vegas Review-Journal

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