The Audio Beat gives Horns for the Holidays the Highest Praise

The Audio Beat's John Crossett weighs in on new Dallas Wind Symphony release Horns for the Holidays, and his end quote is about all the endorsement one should need:

"This is a special recording on a number of different levels... the arrangements of these familiar tunes veer just far enough away from tradition to keep listeners engaged. You’ll always recognize the melody, but in an almost jazz-inspired way. Junkin and the Dallas group take this music on some unexpected twists and turns that retain the mood, if not the letter, of the music...Finally, there is the sound...To my ears, this is one of Reference Recordings' best-sounding albums.

And here's the kicker:

"Disclaimer: I do not celebrate holidays, so I may not be the best judge of the spirit captured here. But I can say that I enjoyed the Dallas Wind Symphony’s take on these holiday compositions enough that, when the disc was over, I would gladly listen again. I can’t offer higher praise than that." — John Crossett, The Audio Beat

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