Audiophile Audition Gives Five Stars to Playing With Fire

Audiophile Audition's John Sunier gives new Dallas Wind Symphony release Playing With Fire Five Stars!

"Playing With Fire is not only the title selection here but the main interest... The fact that the Jim Cullum Jazz Band is basically a trad jazz ensemble makes this one a bit different, and actually seems to make the mix of the classical and jazz approaches to blend a little more smoothly.

... The other four works illustrate the interesting instrumental colors and generally optimistic nature of Ticheli’s music... Both musical groups are on their toes, and if your deck decodes the HDCD signal (as my Oppo does) you will benefit from some enhancement of the standard CD fidelity. But without decoding this is still quite a spectacular album and Ticheli’s works are not the sort to alienate those averse to New Music."

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