RMAF 2012 Recap!

Janice and Ric Mancuso attended the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audiofest this past weekend (10/12-14), and here is their recap:

The Denver show featured 431 exhibitors in 174 rooms, 41 vendors (including the Acoustic Sounds booth which featured RR!), and 35 CANJAM booths (headphone and personal audio). Computer Audio was the hot topic among the many seminars, and there was some great praise from industry folks and panel leaders for RR and Keith O. Johnson getting things right from the very beginning when it comes to making great-sounding recordings in any format or resolution. If it's not there to begin with, it can't come through any audio system or set-up. One hi-rez panelist commented, "Joe six-pack can take a 24/192 recorder into his garage, record his band in hi-rez and and have it sound inferior while Keith O. Johnson can record an AM Radio, making it sound like a concert hall. It's all about technique and experience." And speaking of computer audio, we want to say 'thank you' to Gordon Rankin/Wavelength Audio, Chris Connacker/Computer Audiophile and David Chesky/Chesky Records and HD Tracks for their support!

Our new releases from the Dallas Wind Symphony, "Horns for the Holidays" and "Playing with Fire" were well received by attendees, as they snapped them up from the RR display in Acoustic Sound booth (many thanks to Chad Kassem for offering us a space). Lots of rooms were demo-ing with RR music. The Analysis Speakers and Magnepan (their first-time at RMAF!) were pleased to show-off their wonderful sound with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra's Delibes CD.

One highlight was the chance meeting with iconic music business writer and guru, Moses Avalon, introduced to us by David Chesky. Fascinating to hear his comments about how he saw premium audio used music and visa versa.

'Till the next show!

Bye bye

— Janice & Ric Mancuso

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