Playing With Fire Track List

The newest Dallas Wind Symphony release Playing With Fire: Music By Frank Ticheli comes out in less than a week (10/9), but you can get an early look at what's on it right here:

Track Listing:

  1. Postcard
  2. San Antonio Dances
  3. Alamo Gardens
  4. Tex-Mex on the Riverwalk
  5. Symphony No. 2
  6. Shooting Stars
  7. Dreams Under a New Moon
  8. Appolo Unleashed
  9. Rest
  10. Playing With Fire (by Frank Ticheli and Jim Cullum, orch. by Ticheli)
  11. A la Bauduc
  12. Shades of Blue
  13. Polyphonies and Riffs

Take a look back at the recording sessions from this release:

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