Everybody's Playing Lloyd Jones!

New Fresh! From Reference Recordings release Doin' What It Takes by blues legend Lloyd Jones is turning up everywhere! This week the Roots Music Report Blues Chart that tells us how often something is played on radio stations across the country, has Doin' What It Takes at #37! But it's not just your over-the-air radio stations that are excited about this new recording, Online radio stations and podcasters are getting in on the action as well! Blues podcast The Roadhouse recently featured the title track from Doin' What It Takes on their program.

Click to listen to Doin' What It Takes on The Roadhouse Podcast (Lloyd Jones is around the 23:30 mark of the show!

You Can Also Listen to "Bend in the River" via RRradio:

Purchase Doin' What It Takes from ReferenceRecordings.com Today!

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