Cascade Blues Reviews Lloyd Jones "Doin' What It Takes"

The Cascade Blues Association has a nice feature on Lloyd Jones and his new Fresh! From Reference Recordings release Doin' What It Takes!

"Doin’ What It Takes is the credo by which Portland bluesman Lloyd Jones has been following throughout his career...

"Lloyd Jones is referred to as "The Groove Merchant." It is a fitting title because he is without question one of the funkiest, soulful artists ever to strap on a Fender. So much groove is there that you’re mesmerized and thrilled every time; he has that creative knack that transcends through his songwriting with powerful tunes that are emotional, joyful and sometimes humorous. Doin’ What It Takes brings all of this talent out. It is his first band album in many years, but more than worth the wait as it ranks right up there with his most beloved recordings and just may surpass them, too.


"In the liner notes, Lloyd cites a number of musical styles that he draws from, but overall he really strikes home when he states that 'This ain’t just American music . . . this is American music past, present & future.' The compositions found on Doin’ What It Takes should earn that stature themselves. They can remind us of what we’ve heard in the past, thrill us in the now and have that meaningful power that they’ll live on favorably for many years in the future.


"Doin’ What It Takes is full of tremendous songwriting and performances. Lloyd may be Doin’ What It Takes, but believe me he doin’ it right. Outstanding. Destined to be yet another Northwest blues classic, and hopefully far beyond as well. Lloyd Jones is a much cherished treasure and it’s about time the rest of the world gave him those praises, too." — Cascade Blues Association

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