Exotic Dances from the Opera CD Press

With the new Exotic Dances from the Opera Reference Mastercuts LP available for pre-order, we're taking a look at what some folks had to say about the original HDCD release:

"...a sonic spectacular. The orchestra sounds full, natural, warm, and
nicely spread out over the soundstage. There is none of the glare that still seems to affect many orchestral digital recordings; even the highest register of the violins sounds smooth and musical. Climaxes are never congested, and the fullest textures still retain clarity... this is simply to enjoy." —Henry Fogel, Fanfare

"Paradoxically, the sound I heard offered a clearer, more 'natural' balance between strings, winds, brass and percussion than my balcony seat in the hall." —John Michel, Skyway News Minneapolis

"...a mound of whipped cream, served with panache. The sheer virtuosity of the playing is a marvel -- this remains one of the great American orchestras — and the interpretations are clean, light, sometimes tongue-in-cheek" —Michael Fleming, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Oue's program offers an inventive combination of worthwhile obscurities interlocked with superb versions of popular classics." —Heuwell Tircuit, InTune

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Also available as RR-71HDCD and HR-71 (HRx) and RR-71SACD

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