The Absolute Sound calls Delibes album an Instant Audiophile Classic

The Absolutes Sound hails our recent release Delibes: Sylvia & Coppélia an "instant audiophile classic."

From The Absolute Sound:

"For 30 years, "Professor" Keith Johnson and reference Recordings have provided audiophiles with orchestral spectaculars to challenge high-end systems. This new CD of two perennially popular ballet favorites could be their best yet. The sense of individual instruments, or groups of instruments —say, four French horns— occupying their own space, is uncanny.The scaling of those instruments is utterly believable...we get the sense of sitting in the best seat of a real hall...In short: an instant audiophile classic." — The Absolute Sound

Read the full review in the July/August 2012 issue of The Absolute Sound.

Listen to the Sylvia & Coppélia Sampler Pack:

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