What Others Are Saying about HRx

As our OPPO feature and sale continues, we wanted to remind you about what people are saying about our HRx releases:

"The new HRx albums from Reference Recordings are unlike anything I've ever heard. While I did have high expectations for these releases I certainly did not expect anything this close to perfection. I am absolutely blown away by the sound quality. Everything from the crystal clear highs to the extremely accurate lows sounded fabulous. In fact all the typical audiophile adjectives that describe great sound are apropos for these albums...—" Computer Audiophile

"Reference Recordings, a company at the forefront of technical advancements for the past 30 years, has broken through the technical barriers to deliver to listeners the exact high-resolution digital bitstreams created during the recording sessions... Hearing these familiar pieces for the first time in high resolution was an absolutely mind-blowing experience... If you want the undisputed state-of-the-art in music reproduction right now, HRx is one thrilling ride. But consider yourself warned: Once you hear high-resolution digital done right, there's no going back." — Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

"Reference Recordings has a virtually unbroken history of making the finest possible high resolution recordings... Sonically this is easily the finest sounding version of the Symphonic Dances I have ever heard and one the best performances as well. The seldom recorded Respighi orchestration of Études–Tableaux was a major surprise and work I shall hold dear to my heart for a long time..." — Positive-Feedback

"From the drumbeats in the beginning of Sinfonia da requiem through the orchestral crescendo, the BDP-95 took advantage of the increased amount of information available to it...I only had a few HRx discs available to me and they all were absolutely stunning to listen to. Admittedly, the music was not necessarily my favorite but the sound quality was amazing. The increase in detail between HRx and SACD was even greater than that of SACD and CD..." — Home Theater Review

Audiophiles are always looking for the best ways to play our HRx Discs, so we are excited to share that Oppo's Award-winning BDP-95 Universal 3D Blu-ray Disc Player and their BDP-93 play HRx discs directly!

And to celebrate, we're giving OPPO users a 10% discount on HRx discs with the coupon code OPPO1 on http://referencerecordings.com! (valid through 6/15/2012)

HRx Titles Available

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