Classical Music Sentinel Review Delibes: Sylvia & Coppélia

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"Now for this type of music to work removed from the stage, the level of playing and the quality of the recorded sound have to bring it to life. And that's exactly what we get here in this fabulous new recording captured at the George Lucas Skywalker Sound Studios by Reference Recordings, a label known for using cutting edge technology to obtain as close to natural a sound as possible. The orchestra's perfect balance of polish and punch is captured in a recording so tangible, that I'm surprised I didn't feel a strong gush of air everytime the cymbals crashed. The loudspeakers vanish and the perspective of the soundstage opens up. You can almost visualize the costumes and ballet slippers moving around the stage, and the smiles on the musicians faces as they get into the action." — Jean-Yves Duperron,

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