Audiophile Audition Reviews Delibes: Sylvia & Coppélia

Audiophile Audition has a fantastic new review of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra's new release Delibes: Sylvia/Coppélia, calling it "thrilling."
"Reference Recordings’ Keith O. Johnson takes a crack at the colorful, sentimental and daring music, perfect for Johnny Depp as Captain Hook...The results are thrilling: they capture the space (Skywalker Sound) so naturally and comfortably that the explosion of kettle drums in the high camp “huntresses” scene can be heard to the lowest depths of their sound without blowing up your speakers (unless you have the little kind which will probably not last the first few minutes unless you keep the volume way down—remember, I told you so). It’s fullrange in the fullest sense." — Audiophile Audition
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