StereoTimes Reviews "Brand New Eyes"

Audiophile Magazine, The StereoTimes recently published their February edition of reviews titled "New Vocal Treasures" and just so happen to feature Fresh! From Reference Recordings artist Doug MacLeod and his release Brand New Eyes!

From The StereoTimes:

"And then there is the Master of Acoustic Blues, (the Gatekeeper to Reso-Phonic Guitar Heaven), Doug Macleod, on his latest recording from Reference Recordings’ Fresh Label, entitled Brand New Eyes [Fresh FR-703]... The pairing of Macleod with recording engineer Glenn Nishida and mastering guru Keith O. Johnson is a stroke of genius; a moment in the sun. And in this moment everything is illuminated, from Macleod’s dastardly guitar picking to his “rough or sweet” vocals... The title track gets the pistons of this train going, rollicking on Macleod’s fast, staccato guitar and wooden hits, all wrapped in an optimistic Leap of Faith ballad. Every hold, tussle and bend is heard articulate and crisp. “Train of Change” is another smoker, rolling and spinning in beautiful, articulate string bass hits and vocal optimism. Macleod’s guitar is resplendent and vivid, dancing next to the filigree of Kida’s singular snare brushes. Keep an ear out too for catching the acoustic space in which Macleod’s tales are spun; this space is revealed in its (tactile) splendor on this superb recording... There is a directness of feeling and delivery here as fine as you will ever hear, with Macleod’s guitar flowing forth in full, resonant glory alongside his passionate and plangent vocals. This is the stuff of Life, a landscape spun from simple vocal, bass and guitar prowess that, like in that O’Keefe painting, gives us some “Brand New Eyes” to see Nature (and in Macleod’s case, our Humanity) in a new light." — Nelson Brill, The StereoTimes

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